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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

100 Monkeys at the El Rey Theatre Part 2: Because We Need to See More Jackson Rathbone Pictures

Since I don’t have a particularly good camera or any special photographic skills to speak of, I operate under the theory that if you get close enough to your intended target and take enough photographs, you’re bound to get a few good shots. So, I snapped my shutter like crazy two weekends ago when I saw 100 Monkeys perform in Los Angeles and it turns out I have enough pictures for a second post. If you missed it, you can find part one HERE, but this time around it's all about Jackson…

Really, what is there to say? He’s sublime

I’m not exactly sure why Jackson was on his knees in front of me, but how could you possibly expect me to remember anything after that?

One of the things that makes Monkeys shows so fun to attend is that you can clearly see how much the band is enjoying themselves and they sweep you right into their joy of being on stage. I will never, ever get tired of watching Jackson dance. If you’ve never seen the Monkeys perform live or watched a YouTube video of Jackson dancing, then trust me when I say you’re missing out on something important.

The Monkeys switch instruments seamlessly after nearly every number, and in this show we saw Jackson play a few different guitars, keyboards, drum set, harmonica, and tambourine.

I wasn’t going to include this last shot taken at the end of the show because I already used a similar photo in my other post, but then I noticed the bottom of Jackson’s shirt in this one. You’re welcome.

And now I'll end with a random, lovely picture of Rob, because every post must have one (original source unknown, but this one is one of many from a folder on my computer innocently labeled "Car Maintenance Records"). Sigh.

TwiloveSue XOXO

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Twired Jen said...


These pics are fabulous & sexy of course. I am now kicking myself because I was suuuuper drunk. I realize that more now looking back. I barely remember watching him..GASP! Sure, I have had quite a few drinks and shows before, but this was different...I powered them. Damn. Oh well, thank goodness for the shows in Aug!


17foreverlisa said...

You are seriously trying to kill me, Sue! Amazing pictures. Jackson is so damn sexy. I love watching him dance on the YT videos. Can't wait to see him dance live in July. *bites knuckles*

Z Any Mouse said...

Gah! How in the world did I miss Jackson's peek-a-boo shirt??? I guess it was just there to tease me (in my best Rob/Tyler voice). I know the Green Monster wasn't blocking our view anymore, hmmm. *Raises right hand* I promise to be much more observant at future Monkey concerts and alert the media - TwiloveSue - in the event of any more tummy porn.

Car Maintenance Records? Lol! I still have mine stashed under Album Artwork for my iPod, and since I've already been busted, I didn't see a need to change it. Love the post, and the pics of Jackson dancing. If I knew how to make a gif, I would. That boy does have some moves, and knows how to cut a rug!

Mrs. P said...

Awesome post!!! Thank you for the last photo of Jackson's wardrobe malfunction. You're a kind hearted person. And I don't know how I would have reacted if Jackson knelt before Mrs. P(ing) public. I'm sure he does it in private.
Now I must commend your use of linkage (and using the "here" to replace the address) and Walk With Mrs. P pimpage. You're a natural!

TwiloveSue said...

DrunkyJen - (Is it OK if I call you that? JK!) I think you need to make it up to Jackson by sticking to him like glue at the next show.

Lisa - You have no idea how much I'm waiting to hear about your first Jackson experience! You better not faint.

Z- How did we both miss the tummy porn??? Good thing we have phographic evidence to relive it over and over.

Mrs. P - You can't imagine my suprise when the links actually worked! I was going to say something else but now I'm too distracted by the mental image of Jackson kneeling...

Dangrdafne said...

The second pic with Jackson on the piano with his eyes closed is just perfect. And who doesn't love tummy porn :) LOL!!

Anonymous said...

First, thank you for keeping such good records of your 'car maintenance'

And I agree how seemlessly they switch instruments. One of my fav things about 100 monkeys after Jackson and mohawtie.


TwiloveSue said...

DD - Agreed, he is just so beautiful to look at (and how could anyone NOT love Jackson tummy porn?)

Anonymous - (*whispers*) kiTT, is that you? You're the first howlin' Mohawtie lover that I thought of :) I wish my real car maintenance records were as well maintained as the contents of the car maintenance folder on my computer!

Jayla said...

yum! (jackson's shirt)