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Friday, September 23, 2011

WaxRob is Temporarily Unavailable for Leg-Hitching

When 17foreverLisa visited me during Comic-Con week, one of the must-do items on our list was to make the pilgrimage to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in Hollywood to pay homage to WaxRob. However, we were disappointed to learn that he was away on an extended vacation. Do not fret though, because the kind staff member we spoke to reassured us that a refurbished WaxRob would return in time for the November premiere of Breaking Dawn (we were quite obviously not the first people to ask her this question). Apparently he is at some sort of wax figure rejuvenation spa, recuperating from all the groping, hair tugging, and leg-hitching that he’s been mercilessly subjected to over the past year (I may or may not be referring to last year’s BookClub field trip). He’s not at rehab, despite what you may have heard. Hopefully Rob’s doppelganger will return not only well-rested and ready for another year of Twitard-inspired shenanigans, but also will more closely resemble the perfection that is the real life RPatz.

Memories of our last visit… (TwiloveSue, WaxRob, Twifixx, ZAnyMouse) While WaxRob was a little “off”, he was still kind of intimidating and took our breath away.

There is a resemblance, right?

Even though WaxRob couldn’t be there to play with us, his wax friends still showed us a good time.

Luckily we were there to save Tony Hawk from impending doom (17foreverLisa, Twi-daughter Nicole, TwiloveSue, ZAnyMouse)

Twi-daughter Nicole and I would like you to meet my real life sister, TwiloveSis (I gave her the opportunity to pick her own Twilight blog name, but she deferred to me. So trusting…) and Sir Elton John, an old friend of the family.

Lady Gaga and a couple of her little monsters

This is one of my favorite pictures of the day because it makes me look innocent and Lisa look lecherous. It’s also concrete proof that you really can’t take her anywhere. And I feel kind of sorry for Brad, cause Angelina doesn’t seem to care at all about what Lisa’s doing to her man.

You just can’t fake this kind of terror

Here's Lisa having a staring contest with MJ. It takes a true optimist to even consider competing against a wax figure, let alone the King of Pop.

Is my kid talented or what?

Sure, we know Captain Jack Sparrow

Mrs. P and Forrest Gump go together like peas and carrots

It's so hard to believe that Dwayne Johnson is this big in real life!

Despite what you may have heard, this was our first time behind bars

We spent the rest of our most wonderful day checking out Grauman’s Chinese Theater and the Hollywood sign, eating at the In-N-Out restaurant where Rob said he used to sit in the parking lot and read scripts (yeah, we’re not freaks at all) and then Twifixx joined us for a BookClub “meeting” at the ZAnyMouse House.

Good friends, good times (and isn’t Z’s backyard beautiful?)

The real thing

Thank you to ZAnyMouse and TwiloveSis for letting me use some of your pictures!

TwiloveSue XOXO

Thursday, September 15, 2011

End of the Road for Our Feet and 100 Monkeys in San Diego

We ended our BookClub 100 Monkeys Stalking Adventure with a show at the San Diego House of Blues. While I was sad to say goodbye to the Monkeys, my feet were silently cheering. They probably would have done a happy dance, but were just too exhausted to even bother. I still can’t believe how many hours over the long weekend that we spent standing in line or squished up in front of a stage, but it really did go by quickly. Let’s face it… it’s not like I was going to spend that time solving world peace anyway and quality time with such great friends is a very worthy endeavor in my book.

Partial BookClub: ZAnyMouse, TwiloveSue, Twi-daughter Nicole, Twifixx (Twi-daughter Megan arrived a little while later)

There’s not much left to say about seeing 100 Monkeys in concert that I haven’t already gushed about in many other posts, so I’ll just get right to the pictures.
Jackson and Jerad

Ben G. and Jackson

I love Jackson's dancing, but you've got to wonder about the decision to wear flannel on stage.

Jared solicited ideas from the audience for the night's improv song. He ended up going with "Aunt Irene" in honor of his aunt that was there attending with his whole family. Jackson's lyrics were hysterical and he ending it by thanking Jared's parents for "making love and creating Mohawtie."

Jackson and Uncle Larry

Since this was the last show on the tour, there was a extra energy and sense of fun as 100 Monkeys wrapped it all up in my home town. They closed out the night in a fabulous jam session with Kissing Club and Bleeding Horse Express. It was cool watching them have so much fun together and finish in a big way. Jackson and Bradley, the lead singer of Bleeding Horse Express. We enjoyed seeing this group from Vancouver open for the Monkeys several times and apparently Jackson liked them a lot too because he produced their new CD.

Jackson was videotaping us again. Hopefully there will be a tour DVD out soon!

And before presenting our closing Hot Rob picture, I’m feeling a little nostalgic and want to thank all of you for your sweet and encouraging blog comments this year. Sharing my pictures and talking with you guys about my little Twilight obsession is always a highlight of my day and just as much fun as going to the events themselves. I would also like to give special thank yous to the BookClub for being such amazing friends, to 17foreverLisa for being the best enabler ever and a big, sloppy wet kiss to Mrs. P for letting me play on her blog. I love all of you Bitepackers and will use you as an excuse to double my stalky efforts for the rest of the year. Let’s just see where my husband’s Twilight tolerance ends, shall we? (just kidding ~ sorta)

Don’t forget to go Walk with Mrs. P! Today she gives us a breakdown of the Breaking Dawn trailer as only she can.

TwiloveSue XOXO

P.S. Here are a few last shots from the show that made me laugh

Jackson seems to be wearing the ears of some small, unidentifiable primate.

Bradley wore this interesting shirt for their last song. I don’t recall seeing it for sale at the Monkey merchandise booth, though.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

100 Monkeys and Refrigerators at Best Buy

On the last day of our 100 Monkey marathon weekend, we caught the guys at an in-store appearance at the Best Buy in San Diego. Being the conscientious (not obsessive) fans that we are, we arrived nice and early to stake out our spots. After our eagle eyes quickly spotted the 5 empty chairs and table set up in the appliance department, we then proceeded to mill about the store trying not to look like fans stalking the appliance section of a major retail store. You know, it’s a lot harder to kill an hour and a half pretending to shop than you’d think. Here we are, looking not so inconspicuous… (top row) TwiloveSue, ZAnyMouse, Twifixx, LuvsmesumEdward, Jaymes805, (bottom row) Twi-daughters Nicole and D.

Jared was the first to arrive and seemed perplexed that no other band members were there yet. After a little while, he emerged from the employee break room wearing a Best Buy t-shirt, customized with cut off sleeves. All of the employees seemed happy to see him and he posed for pictures with many of them. It turns out that he worked at that exact location for two years in his pre-100 Monkeys days (that's your Monkey trivia for the day).

Eventually the rest of the guys arrived (about 30 minutes late), looking very tired but happy to be there. The Bens looked especially worn out, with Ben G. wearing the same clothes from the night before (not that we’d ever notice something like that…) and I’m pretty sure Ben J. had recently been turned into a zombie. Jackson and Uncle Larry looked just as polished and put together as always.

They sang acoustic versions of several songs for the small but enthusiastic crowd and then signed autographs afterwards. It was so funny to see all of the other shoppers wander past the appliance section wondering what in the world was going on. It was a very fun and casual way to see them perform and they sounded extremely good. I always tell people that CDs just don’t do justice to them. 100 Monkeys really do need to be experienced live.

For today’s Rob picture I’ve brought back an old favorite because there is no such thing as too much Rome Rob.

TwiloveSue XOXO

P.S. Don't forget to go Walk with Mrs. P!