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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

If You Take Enough Pictures of Twilight Actors, You’re Bound to Get Some Funny Ones

When I attend Twilight events, I tend to frantically take a ton of pictures in the fervent hope that I will somehow miraculously end up with a few gems. Basically, I try to compensate for my lack of skills and knowhow (and cheap camera) with volume. Believe me when I say that for every one good picture that I take, there are many, many more blurry and undecipherable ones. I also occasionally end up with some funny shots that I keep hidden away in the vault (that’s the super secret folder on my computer where I stash all my Twilight pictures so that my family will never realize that I have more pictures of Robert Pattinson than them). Until now.

As I anxiously count down the days until I race off to the LA Twilight convention and Breaking Dawn premiere, I’m opening the vault to share some pictures with you that, in all good conscience, probably should just be deleted. Sure some of them are kind of unflattering, but I know that you, my fellow Bite Packers, will accept them with the same good humor and shared love of all things Twilight in which they are offered. Enjoy!

You know there’s no shortage of pictures showcasing the many funny faces of Rob. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are entire websites dedicated to them. In honor of the many new ones yet to come during the Breaking Dawn press tour, here are a few of my favorites (sources unknown unless indicated on the photo):

And to send you off with a dreamy smile on your face, here’s a picture from this week’s Breaking Dawn fan event in Paris (borrowed from Robsessed). I could probably just stare at this picture of ParisRob for hours (and maybe I shall. I think that would be time well spent, don't you?)

TwiloveSue XOXO


Dangrdafne said...

Can't wait to take pictures at the LA TwiTour with you and we can compare funny shots :)

I love these pictures - it shows that they are all real people.

Mrs. P said...

Hahahahahaha!!!!!! I love it! The one with the shirt almost over his head...priceless. Ah...good stuff.

MrsKassieCullen said...

I do the same thing! I take a ton of pics in the hopes of getting a few great ones and end up with a bunch of fabulously ridiculous ones. I can't wait to see all the great pics you get at the LA convention!

Z Any Mouse said...

Oh my gawd, I'M CRYING, LMAO!! I don't know how you expect me to get any work done after seeing those pictures.

Lol, cough, SNORT!

TwiloveSue said...

DD - Squeeee!! I'm looking forward to seeing you (and that Rob guy) VERY SOON in LA!!

Mrs P - Thank you, my dear :) I have plans for part two of this post: The Jackson Rathbone Edition. I'm telling you, he's a goldmine.

Kassie - I always feel like a total dweeb snapping away, making myself stop to just watch, then picking the camera up and starting all over again. It's a sickness. I'm thinking about renting a good camera for the convention since I'm 2nd row center and it would be an utter travesty not to (right?).

Z- Wait until you see all the funny pictures I have of you - just kidding!!

Z Any Mouse said...

Lol, you probably sent the special ones of me to the Twilight cast and they're hee-hawing over them right now (I wish).

On another note, I was sharing your post this morning with 12 year-old Twidaughter T and as we get to the last picture of Rob, I see her eyes dart over to the right and then get huge. Oh yea, she just caught an eyeful of Rob booty where Mrs. P has carefully placed her lips. Does this qualify me for Mother of the Year?

TwiloveSue said...

Z - Tsk tsk, there goes Mrs P corrupting our youth. Again.

Mrs. P said...

Haha!!!! I'll meet you at the bar during school conferences....