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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Comic-con: The Planets of the Universe Aligned, Karma Smiled, and I Met Robert Pattinson

I attended Comic-con a few weeks ago with one goal in mind: to get as close to Robert Pattinson as possible (without getting myself arrested or becoming the lead story on Access Hollywood). Silly me, I thought my best bet would be to camp outside Hall H for three days and try to score a front row seat at the Breaking Dawn panel. Little did I know that pure, dumb luck (or as I prefer to call it, fate) would be the key to my success. I’ll tell you more about being a crazy line camper and all the other fun things we did at Comic-con in another post because right now I have to tell you about how I MET ROBERT PATTINSON!!

I’m still in shock…

On the first day of Comic-con after several cast members visited us in line and Summit brought us breakfast, they held a raffle for the first 300 people in line to have a chance at 50 wristbands for a private autograph session with Rob, Kristen, Taylor & Bill Condon. Unfortunately, I didn't win, but my most awesome friend 17foreverLisa did along with one of the girls in the group in front of us. The rest of us were super bummed, but we still tried to be happy for the ones who won (believe me, it was very hard and I’m sure my eyes were glowing a bright green).

When they finally let us inside for the Breaking Dawn panel, it was total chaos and the back of the line basically went nuts trying to run in front of us and we also saw that the front rows were already blocked off for studio execs, the deaf, and all of their family, friends and neighbors (don't even get me started on that...). Our group got split up in the stampede, but Twi-daughter Nicole, 17foreverLisa and I did manage to get 2nd row seats together.

Before the panel started, I turned to Twi-daughter Nicole and said, “I wish I could have met Rob today, but I know it will happen sometime." As soon as I said that, a lady tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I was leaving right after the panel and could she have our seats in exchange for her wristband to meet Rob!! I nearly died on the spot. Luckily she didn’t ask for my firstborn child, because Nicole was conveniently right there with me and I would have gladly traded her into a lifetime of servitude for a wristband. It’s quite likely that woman was my fairy godmother.

After the panel was over (more on that next time - it was fabulous!!), Lisa and I scurried off to the secret room to line up for the signing. They let us go in a few people at a time and I swear to you, I almost couldn't breathe when I saw Rob mere feet away. Taylor, Rob, Kristen and Bill were seated at tables all in a row and we were each given a Breaking Dawn poster to have autographed. We weren't allowed to take pictures (they threatened us big time) and the dictator-like woman in charge kept saying they had to leave in 7 minutes for another engagement. We found out afterwards that they ran out of time and the back part of the line never even got to see them. Can you imagine? I'm so glad we hurried.

Luckily there were some official photographers on hand to capture it all (note: none of the pictures in this post were taken by me and I believe all are APwire)

I met Taylor first and he was very adorable and friendly. We just made surface chit chat about Comic-con and his upcoming movie Abduction. I don’t remember much because, for some reason, I was having concentration issues.

Then, I moved down to Rob’s table and said hello to him with a big, dopey grin on my face. He smiled and said hi (I’m pretty sure I heard a choir of angels singing in the background) and then he asked me "what does it say on your shirt?" I moved my CC lanyard out of the way and basically leaned forward with my chest stuck out (I'm such an idiot) and he read out loud "Ciao Volturi" (it had a cartoon picture of Alice in a yellow porche) and then he laughed and said, "that's funny."

You'd be very impressed at how cool and normal I acted (I think). I thanked him for coming to CC and said I was looking forward to seeing Breaking Dawn. I also told him that I was one of the dorks who waited in line for the past few days for the panel and he gave me a really funny, smoldery look, like "no you didn't...!" and stared straight into my eyes and smiled. I kind of shrugged and rolled my eyes and said, "I know...."

I told Rob how much I’ve enjoyed all of his movies and that it was really great to meet him. I also joked that I wouldn’t talk while he was signing his name because I didn’t want to make him mess it up (or something stupid like that) and he laughed. I tried not to be too gushy, but I’m sure I was. Then we said goodbye and I moved on to Kristen’s table.

I didn’t talk much to Kristen and Bill because it felt kind of awkward. I basically just said hi and that I enjoyed their movies (plus my brain was not working so well at that point) and then I floated out the door.

Wow. I still can't believe I finally met Rob and am so relieved that he was just as wonderful and gracious as I'd imagined. He was quite gorgeous in person and I didn’t even notice the hacked up haircut because I was so busy looking into his eyes. He most definitely has magical powers.

TwiloveSue XOXO


Anonymous said...

Aww Sue, I'm just melting over this for you! YOU DID GREAT with him!!!



Mrs. P said...

Just amazing!!!! Can you imagine those poor people at the back of the line?
What an awesome day...

rottymama said...

Yay! So happy for you & Lisa, my eyes are getting tears in them.
That is weird that the lady that traded with you didn't want to get an autograph. Maybe she knew something?

Lovely Sue!

Amers425 said...

DUUUUUDE!!!! So jealous! *sigh*

Latchkey Wife said...

Holy fucking SHIT!! I have to tell you that I was inches away from my computer screen while reading this... AND I was holding my breath! I didn't realize I was holding my breath until I looked away and exhaled. OMG, I am SO jealous!! But OMFG!! YOU MET ROBERT PATTINSON!!!! And it deserves to be repeated -- HOLY FUCKING SHIT!! Next time I see you, I'm licking your face. Just thought I'd warn you.

SidewalkCandy said...

Dear TwiLoveSue:

I used to think I was a lucky person. Seriously, co-workers used to vie to sit next to me at the company raffles in the hopes that some luck would rub off on them. Now I know how they felt, and I want to sit right in between you and your fairy god-mother at the Breaking Dawn premiere. :D
Your dumb-luck is our luck too, because it's such a treat to relive the experience through you. I'm gushing and swooning right along with you! Come to think of it. I must still have plenty of luck left in my life to have stumbled upon you and ZanyMouse who have become the best friends I've known all my life, whom I just met. (Bookclub years are something like dog-years. Lol). In closing I'd just like to say, "I wish I had a million dollars" ( looks around for someone holding a big bag of money to tap me on the shoulder,) " I said, I WISH I had a million dollars!". Nothing. Oh well. There's always November.

Much love and awe,

TwiloveSue said...

kiTT - Thank you for not telling me what a dork I am :) I don't usually get flustered around celebrities, but maintaining composure around Rob was very very hard cause I couldn't wipe that huge, goofy grin off my face.

Mrs. P - I swear, I would have been crushed if I got that close and then missed him.

Rottymama - I think my fairy godmother was just planning to stay in that hall all day and wanted a close seat. People wait for hours just to get in and a 2nd row seat is golden.

Amers - I just reread the post and still can't believe it happened to me!

LKW - Don't make promises that you're not going to keep :)

Twifixx - Your comment made me cry and I'm giving you the world's biggest hug this weekend. I feel exactly the same way about meeting you and ZanyMouse.

Honolulu Girl-Suz said...

I am so happy for all of you who had amazing experiences at Comic-Con. Sue, your guardian angel must have been looking out for you, because what are the chances that someone would GIVE UP their wristband? AWESOME!!

The girls in the very front of the line for the panel are ladies I know from Hawaii. (You probably remember them, Sue) I saw that Monica got a wristband and her pic with Kirsten signing was tweeted by Twilight. I'm also jealous about that too!!

What can I say. Each time I hear someone's experience, I am nothing but stoked for you guys. Great post!

TwiloveSue said...

Suz - Wow, it really is a small world! We were the second group in line right behind your friends. Monica and her gang were awesome!

Z Any Mouse said...

TwiloveSue, I am so proud of you for restraining yourself during the epic meeting with Rob, and that security wasn't called to peel your thighs off the good side of his haircut. Be warned, I may not be so strong when I meet him.

@SidewalkCandy - You have effectively reduced both TwiloveSue and me into blubbering idiots with your heartfelt words. I feel the same way and thank Karma and the planets of the universe for aligning and getting the three of us together. It has been an amazing journey so far, and I know we have many happy years ahead of us. Mwah!

MrsKassieCullen said...

Way to go! Meeting Rob and having him stare at your bewbs, sweet!! That's very awesome that the woman was giving up her ticket and that you happened to be in front of her, must have been fate. I would have given up my seat and moved to the parking lot if it meant face to face time with Rob.

robsbeanie said...

Congratulations!!!!! I am soooo happy for you :)! I can't believe you have actually stared into Robs' eyes in person (seriously I would have gone into zombie mode). He seems magical!

Dangrdafne said...

I was so thrilled to know that both you and Lisa got to meet the gang and get their autographs. I am so glad you hurried too ;)

Congrats and thanks for sharing your story.

17foreverlisa said...

No one was more relieved than I was that Fate smiled on us that day and that woman wanted to trade her wristband for our seats, Sue. It was a HUGE relief. I knew how disappointed you were and it was definitely keeping me from jumping out of my skin when I got my wristband.

It was amazing to be able to share it with you. It's like we had proof that we really did it despite not having any pictures.

Thanks again for an incredible week, my friend!

HG: What a small world...or State. LOL! Monica and I had exchanged cell phone numbers prior to me leaving for San Diego in the hopes that we could meet while I was there. I got to know her through a mutual online friend/fanfic author. That first night, she came over to our group to make introductions. She shook my hand and said, "I'm Monica." I said, "I'm Lisa." Then she said, "Hold on. You're not 17foreverlisa are you?" I said, "Yeah." She said, "No way! I'm truceover!" What are the freaking odds? I loved getting to know her better while we camped out, as well as her twin sister. She's adorable. I can't wait to email her.

TwiloveSue said...

Z - When you meet Rob (note I said WHEN) and lose all control, I plan to be there to document it all on film. <3

Kassie - Agreed! I'm glad I didn't have to do something crazy for the wristband, cause I would have done pretty much anything.

Robsbeanie - He most definitely has superpowers :)

Sharon - It was so fun seeing you again and I can't wait until the next time!

Lisa - You really are a beautiful person inside and out & I love you for that.

miss tejota said...

I'm so very happy for you. Great post.

Snarkier Than You said...

I realized when I got done with the Rob part that I was actually holding my breath - lol!!! I'm beaming! Thank you so much for recounting this for all of us - I'm so happy for you - couldn't have happened to a nicer Twitard!


Tigerkitten36 said...

I am so excited that you got to meet Rob and he looked at your boobs!!! Priceless.

Comic -con looks all kind of fun (annnd Crazy) It's disapointing that they didnt allow photos (really isnt that one of the reasons why people are there?)

v/w ephora - What you feel after meeting Rob

Munkee said...

Hooray for you! Awesome.

TwiloveSue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TwiloveSue said...

Miss Tejota - Thanks & it was great seeing you there!

STY - I know I keep saying it, but I still can't believe I met him. Just, wow. XOXO's back atcha!

Tigerkitten - Hee hee, maybe I'll put that on a t-shirt (not). Love your screen name!

Munkee - Thank you!! It makes me feel so happy when everyone is so selflessly happy to read my story. You guys are so awesome.

Kelly said...

Sorry for the late comment.. I have been busy and then away and I am just getting around to reading all the Comic Con stories.

I'm so happy for you!! And you described it perfectly... being around him there is a level of "the magical" that can't be defined.....

Thanks so much for sharing your story!!! I really am just thrilled for you!