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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Comic-Con: Twilight Stars Look Fabulous at the Crack of Dawn. Me? Not So Much.

As part of my diabolical plan to confuse you by doing my Comic-con posts in a completely random order, I’ll now tell you about our surprise early morning visit by Twilight cast members and save the adventures of line camping and other Comic-con talk for another post.

At about 6am on the opening day of Comic-con, Summit surprised us by bringing Nikki Reed, Ashley Green, Elizabeth Reaser, Boo Boo Stewart and Julia Jones to visit the line and deliver us breakfast. Needless to say, the crowd went nuts and nobody was interested in the food. Not only were there several thousand people in line by that point, but there were news cameras galore, spectators everywhere, and enough security to thwart a small country's revolution.

As security escorted the stars through the line, it became sort of a free-for-all to get a Breaking Dawn mini poster and coffee mug, meet each actor, and get an autograph or a picture. Despite the chaos, all of the actors were very calm and friendly, cheerfully posing for pictures and signing as many autographs as they could while security rushed them along and news cameras were shoved into their faces.

I spy Ashley Greene somewhere in the middle of all this mayhem.

There she is!

I’m sure I’m stating the obvious by saying that actors and actresses look so much more amazing than normal people to begin with, so when you put them next to people who have been camping out for multiple days…. well, in my case, the comparison becomes extraordinary (and not in a good way). Everyone else looks pretty good, though!

Twi-daughter Nicole and Nikki Reed. Nicole is a huge Dr. Who fan and proudly wore this awesome Tardis dress made by ZanyMouse.

Julia Jones and TwiloveSue

Twi-daughter Nicole and Boo Boo Stewart. Turns out he's a big Dr. Who fan too.

Elizabeth Reaser, TwiloveSue, Twi-daughter Nicole

The day’s autographs: (top l to r) Bill Condon, Rob, Taylor, Kristen, (bottom l to r) Boo Boo, Nikki, Elizabeth, Julia, Ashley. (I’m still in shock…!). Note that all I could think of to weigh down the poster corners for this picture was my spare change. I’m classy that way.

In case you were worried about Mrs. P’s fate after reading about how kiTT found her on the shores of the East Coast ready to cross the Atlantic in a bottle (hop over to TongueTwied for the full story HERE), rest assured that Mrs. P made it to San Diego in plenty of time for Comic-con.

She camped out in line with us for three days…

… got herself signed by Julia Jones (I hope that wasn’t too awkward)….

…and scored plenty of CC swag!

And because every post simply must end with a hot picture of Rob (this is a hard and fast rule, after all), here’s a shot from the Teen Choice Awards that pretty well demonstrates the smoldery yet incredulous look Rob gave me at the autograph session when I confessed my dorkiness to him. If you missed that post, you can read it HERE.

TwiloveSue XOXO

P.S. Don't forget to go Walk with Mrs. P today!


Twired Jen said...

Love how all I see when I look at Elizabeth Reaser is "Esme." Awww Momma Esme. Seeing as I never really watched Greys Anatomy, I don't attribute her to that role. Anyhoo, so jeaous!

x J

SidewalkCandy said...

Hey you look great. I don't want to think about the disaster my hair will be after camping for BD. (See. Still thinking positively that I will be able to go.) I love that Alice shirt you're wearing!

Looking forward to the next installment...


MrsKassieCullen said...

That is amazing! I think it's great the actors were willing to go out and meet you all. They are all such sweethearts :)

Mrs. P said...

SCORE!!! Another awesome autograph to add to my collection.
Thank you so much for the swag and sharing all of this with us. TwiBite is VERY lucky to have you!!!!!

TwiloveSue said...

Jen - So funny, I do the same thing! She seemed very calm, cool, and Esme-like in person.

Twifixx - I swear I will kidnap you for the BD premiere if you tell me you can't go.

Kassie - We really lucked out that "our" movie ended up with such a great group of actors in it. They've truly been amazing.

Mrs. P - Oh, my dear, I could never even begin to repay you for all the times you've made me smile and I'm eternally grateful that you gave me a home for my ramblings. I love you to bits!

Anonymous said...

Damn!That is A LOT of swag!

It's a shame Julia Jones fell victim to the same thing that happened with the vamps--fugly up someone who is pretty in RL. She was supposed to be jolted but that didn't mean she had to be ugly, did it? Summit is equal-opp fugly-uppers I guess.

Love the Tardis dress!
Rob's right! Your t-shirt is funny Sue!

So glad Mrs. P made it there! :)

robsbeanie said...

You and your daughter look AMAZING! Seriously. I can't imagine how I would look. It would be scary. So scary I don't know if I would be able to get near anyone. This is so cool! You are awesome Sue!!

robsbeanie said...

And I thought Rob looked extremely hot on Sunday...yes he always looks that way to me but seriously. Those pants on him..yummy!

Z Any Mouse said...

I love the picture of you with Julia Jones, so cute! Nicole is adorable in her Tardis dress and outshines Ms. Reed, and of course there's Rob - and The Look. ((sigh))

TwiloveSue said...

kiTT - How those hair and make up people manage to fugly up such a beautiful group of actors, I will never understand. Thanks for giving Mrs. P such good directions to SD so she could find us :)

Robsbeanie - I'll bet you would just feel like you're around a bunch of people you already "know" and not freak out at all. Except for Rob, he's inhuman and freak outs are to be expected.

Z - Thanks again for all of your hard work on the Tardis dress. It came out so beautiful!! Also thank you for sending me the Rob picture that captured "The Look". Oh my, he's gorgeous.

Snarkier Than You said...

OK it IS like being there! Only without the camping out. Plus we get a hot pic at the end (ok, fine you got that look in person, but still).

Thanks (as always!) for sharing this - keep it coming, out of order or no!

: )

17foreverlisa said...

No wonder I haven't been getting follow-up comments. Damn Blogger ate my comment.

I repeat...

I still smile when I think about the surprise visit from the cast members. With all of the media around, etc., I don't know how we didn't know something was going on. At any rate, it was epic. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Zina: Nicole's dress was an absolute hit, as I'm sure you've heard by now. She was a celebrity in her own right with other Dr. Who fans.

Dangrdafne said...

That morning will be the only regret I have for not sleeping out with all of you. I was bummed when I read the tweets about the actors showing up and you getting the poster and mug. Oh well, life goes on and all is well.

I love the pictures. Nicole looks awesome in her Dr. Who dress with all the Twiligh people :)

I actually never liked Elizabeth Reaser on Grey's at all but I love her as Esme :)

Another amazing Sue tale, thanks for sharing.

TwiloveSue said...

STY - Let me know when you're ready to put on your stalkin' shoes and join us!

Lisa - It really was quite a zoo, wasn't it? I'm so glad you said you'd do it all over again cause I would too! <3

DD - I'm so sorry you missed the Thursday morning craziness. Next time? :)