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Thursday, September 8, 2011

100 Monkeys and Refrigerators at Best Buy

On the last day of our 100 Monkey marathon weekend, we caught the guys at an in-store appearance at the Best Buy in San Diego. Being the conscientious (not obsessive) fans that we are, we arrived nice and early to stake out our spots. After our eagle eyes quickly spotted the 5 empty chairs and table set up in the appliance department, we then proceeded to mill about the store trying not to look like fans stalking the appliance section of a major retail store. You know, it’s a lot harder to kill an hour and a half pretending to shop than you’d think. Here we are, looking not so inconspicuous… (top row) TwiloveSue, ZAnyMouse, Twifixx, LuvsmesumEdward, Jaymes805, (bottom row) Twi-daughters Nicole and D.

Jared was the first to arrive and seemed perplexed that no other band members were there yet. After a little while, he emerged from the employee break room wearing a Best Buy t-shirt, customized with cut off sleeves. All of the employees seemed happy to see him and he posed for pictures with many of them. It turns out that he worked at that exact location for two years in his pre-100 Monkeys days (that's your Monkey trivia for the day).

Eventually the rest of the guys arrived (about 30 minutes late), looking very tired but happy to be there. The Bens looked especially worn out, with Ben G. wearing the same clothes from the night before (not that we’d ever notice something like that…) and I’m pretty sure Ben J. had recently been turned into a zombie. Jackson and Uncle Larry looked just as polished and put together as always.

They sang acoustic versions of several songs for the small but enthusiastic crowd and then signed autographs afterwards. It was so funny to see all of the other shoppers wander past the appliance section wondering what in the world was going on. It was a very fun and casual way to see them perform and they sounded extremely good. I always tell people that CDs just don’t do justice to them. 100 Monkeys really do need to be experienced live.

For today’s Rob picture I’ve brought back an old favorite because there is no such thing as too much Rome Rob.

TwiloveSue XOXO

P.S. Don't forget to go Walk with Mrs. P!


Jaymes805 said...

So much fun! Except the chick next to me sang all of the songs in my ear so it was hard to actually hear the band haha. I'm also really bummed I didn't buy a random appliance to have the band autograph. :)

Why does it look like Jackson is staring at Jerad's crotch in most of those pictures?.......

Anonymous said...

*covers Lisa's eyes* We don't need her reading Jaymes' comment about Jackson and Jerad's crotch. LMAO!

Mohawtie used to work at Best Buy!?!? If I was in BB and he offer to help me find something...Ohhh, that's a little fantasy I wasn't expecting to have today. lol

Another fun time you are sharing with us Sue! Thank you!


Z Any Mouse said...

You got a great picture of ZombieBenJ, lol! With half of them looking like they'd just rolled out of bed, I was happy to note that if I was lucky enough to spend the night with them I wouldn't have to kick them out for being ugly in the morning.

Z Any Mouse said...

@Jaymes805 - Are you saying you didn't buy a Shake Weight after all?

Dangrdafne said...

Wow, those are great pictures! I am glad it was so intimate (twss).

I love your group photo - D is just adorable and I love her sign.

@Jaymes - You should have seen if they had a banana hanger in wood for them to sign ;)

Twired Jen said...

I'm really feeling the urge to ditch DG and steal Mohawtie from his wife. Gah! He's just so darn adorable...and those upper arms. HOT DAMN!

MrsKassieCullen said...

Very cool! I kinda wish they would have done something like that when they were here, but I wouldn't trade my experience for anything. You're right they must be experienced live. People are truly missing out if they don't go to at least one concert... but after one you want to go again and again.

Oh and btw totally my fault Ben G came wearing the same clothes. I kept him up aaaaaaall night, oops ;) *I wish!*

TwiloveSue said...

Jamie - Gah, I hate it when tone deaf people stand directly behind me and sing every song into my ear!!! I would have loved to see you have them autograph a microwave.

kiTT - You're right, Lisa doesn't need any additional encouragement :) And, no, I can't imagine going into BB and having Mohawtie wait on me. I would forget what I came in for.

Z - He really did look like the undead and watching him was half the fun.

DD - Twi-daughter D was absolutely adorable and had her sign autographed by all of the Monkeys :)

Jen - Mohawtie's arms looked great and he really rocked that Best Buy shirt (not something you hear everyday, I'm thinking). We were dying to see the rest of his tattoo!

Kassie - You should probably have him keep some extra clothes at your house to avoid these kinds of faux pas in the future ;)

17foreverlisa said...

Too late, kiTT!

Thank you for all the Bromance pictures, Sue. YUM!!!!!

Your emails from that day were too funny. We were in the middle of Jen's online bridal shower, so I was filling her in on your progress and about Jerad being a former BB employee.

Jackson totally rocks the glasses btw.


Mrs. P said...

"it’s a lot harder to kill an hour and a half pretending to shop than you’d think."
Oh God...that's funny. And so true.
What a cool experience. Awesome photos!!!

TwiloveSue said...

Lisa - I'll be your Bromance enabler anytime :) (Shhhh... don't tell kiTT)

Mrs. P - Yeah, fake shopping is definitely an art. You can only spend so much time looking at computer accessories or going through the DVD bargain bin and still look interested. Sorry, I meant to make you a link at the end of my post, but Blogger was having issues (cause it couldn't have been me, right?).