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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Breaking Dawn 2 Premiere: Let's Start With the Rob Pictures!

It's difficult to describe the excitement  and sheer insanity of attending the Breaking Dawn 2 movie premiere. As one of the hard-core-somewhat-weepy-sleep-deprived-after-five-days-of-camping fans, I was utterly thrilled to be there to pay tribute to my favorite books, movies, and actors. The experience was even more meaningful because I got to share it with so many good friends that truly "get" me, who I met along my four year Twilight journey.
Through a nerve-wracking lottery process, we (ZAnyMouse, Twifixx, Twi-Daughters Nicole and Megan, and me) were lucky to get pretty good black carpet spots right in the front corner where celebrities entered the carpet area. We were in the 3rd/4th row back, not close enough for photos with the actors, but had a great view for seeing cast arrivals and watching interviews on the Yahoo stage right next to us.
And who was my favorite person to watch be interviewed...? I'll let you guess.
Huge thank you to Twifixx for taking most of the pictures of Rob being interviewed. I had such a great view until Rude Yahoo Sound Lady stood directly in front of me and almost completely blocked Rob. Twifixx saved the day by taking my camera and getting some awesome shots.
Whoa... and then suddenly he was right in front of me!
 I'll bet this would have been a really good picture... And I can only
imagine how many media shots I'm in from that bank of cameras across the way.
 I think he was about to hug me in this picture, but was thwarted by Dean
(my pictures, my fantasy)
Twi-Daughter Nicole was able to get Rob's autograph
on both of our posters while I snapped pictures (and drooled)
I love this shot cause it gives you an idea of the sheer
madness that surrounds Rob. Personal space... what's that? 
And then he was gone, until next time. And there will be a next time!
TwiloveSue XOXO


CherylSab said...

You got some lovely pics there sweetie. I LOL'd at " I think he was about to hug me in this picture, but was thwarted by Dean"...I'm sure he totally would have ;) Damn it Dean!!

Smitten said...

Awesome pictures babe!!! I wish I coulda been there with everyone, but at least I can live vicariously thru u and my other friends that were there!!!

my pictures, my fantasy = TRUTH!! :-DDD


TwiloveSue said...

Cheryl - Yeah, that Dean... I actually did try to put my arm around Rob once for a picture and Dean was right there to put an end to the fun that time too. Sheesh.

Smitten - You can join us another time cause there will be lots of other Rob premieres to look forward to :)

Jaymes805 said...

GAH!!! I can't believe we were there!

Z Any Mouse said...

Your pictures came out much better than mine! *click and save*

Dangrdafne said...

Why oh why didn't I move up to stand with you?

Gorgeous pictures!!

TwiloveSue said...

Jamie - I know, right!!!???

Z - My pictures are your pictures. Always :)

DD - There will always be a place reserved for you right next to me <3