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Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Look Back at the 2010 LA Twi-con: In the Kingdom of Cullen, Peter is the King and Kellan is a God

The first Twilight convention that I attended where I had close enough seats to take a photo and actually recognize the person in the picture afterwards was in Los Angeles in March 2010. The convention was hosted by The Hillywood Show (they are awesome, by the way!) and guests were Kellan Lutz, Peter Facinelli, Alex Meraz, Chaske Spencer, Charlie Bewley, Kiowa Gordon, Justin Chon, Tinsel Korey, and Justine Wachsberger (don’t feel bad, I didn’t know who she was either). Out of the three day event, the last day was the absolutely best by far because we saw Peter and Kellan.

Our first glimpse of them was at the photo op, which was incredibly intimidating. Peter is extremely handsome (extremely), but I have to say, Kellan is absolutely gorgeous (seriously, we're talking Adonis). Of course, it didn't help my concentration that I had recently seen him in his underwear (come on, you know which pictures I’m talking about).

TwiloveSue, Peter, Twi-daughter Nicole, Kellan (do we look height-impaired or what?)

After the photo op, they each did 30 minute Q&A sessions individually and then another 30 minutes together. They were absolutely hysterical. Since it’s now been over a year since the convention and I have a memory of a goldfish anyway, it should come as no surprise that I remember very few details. Plus, you have to realize I was in a bit of a stupor having them both right there in front of me.

Sorry, I know the lighting is terrible…

As you know, it’s important to have one picture in which Kellan is looking directly at me.

Actually, I do remember Kellan talking about a movie role he had just accepted in which he was going to play the Greek God Poseidon with a lot of shirtless scenes (Immortals opens later this year!). He also joked about his plan to thwart the papparazi by wearing the same clothes every day while out jogging with his dog. He figured they wouldn’t be able to sell new pictures if he always looked the same and eventually they would just leave him alone. He also told funny stories about how his dog Kola kept getting lost from his yard and girls would always find and return her, like it was all just a big coincidence. He just had such an adorable, humble way about him and I know every person in that room was so hooked.

I honestly can’t remember anything specific about Peter’s Q&A session… sorry!! We’ve seen him several times now and I can’t remember what he said at which one and I think you’d figure it out if I started making stuff up. Anyway, I can say for sure that he was super charming and we laughed a lot.

The pictures are pretty to look at, though, aren’t they?

Peter and Kellan together were hilarious. You can tell they’ve spent a lot of time together and were very good friends. They teased each other and told lots of funny stories about one another and other cast members.

Let’s all just agree that Peter is looking at me in this shot.

Unfortunately, Kellan had other obligations and had to leave before the autograph session started, but they gave us each a pre-autographed picture from him. Mine said “I love you, Love Kellan” and obviously it was meant just for me (shhhhh, don’t burst my bubble).

Nicole and I both had Peter sign our group pictures from when we had seen him a few weeks earlier. He asked us where they were from, so we talked about the event a little and I told him how much I admire him for hosting charity fundraisers. He is just so modest and genuinely a good person.

We also teased Peter about his voiceover comments on the Wii Twilight Scene-It game. Nicole chose to be "Waylon" when we played it once (she's weird) and then when she got a correct answer, Carlisle’s voice said "Waylon, you sparkle like a diamond" and that really cracked us up. We tried to get him to say it last time we saw him and he said he was too embarrassed, but this time he covered his eyes and wouldn't look at us and said it in a really dreamy voice. It was so funny. On Nicole's picture, he wrote "Nicole, you sparkle like a diamond." On my picture he wrote "My darling Sue, XOXO Peter Facinelli" and I blushed like an idiot.

I don’t know if the Twilight cast will continue to do these kinds of conventions for many years like Star Trek actors still do, but I am so glad we at least have this small window to enjoy them. I hope it comes across in my posts that I find these conventions highly entertaining and a great opportunity to meet and get to know the cast members just a little bit. We’re all caught up in this indescribable Twilight wave together and might as well enjoy it to the fullest while it lasts.

And I’ll end with one of my favorite Rob pictures from awhile back that makes me want to re-read "The Office". Since it’s in black and white, I'm thinking I snagged this one from 17foreverLisa’s blog (thank you, Lisa!)

TwiloveSue XOXO


Mrs. P said...

Waylon??? LOL!!! That's awesome. You sparkle like a diamond as well, Sue. Peter loves his fans so much...he is always out there making appearances. I don't know how he does it!!

SidewalkCandy said...

Cute pictures TwiSue! I don't blame you a bit for not remembering what they said - I would be stunned into amnesia, too. I've seen how gorgeous Peter is in person (still think Twilight stylists should be shot!) I can only imagine how god-like Kellan must look.

MrsKassieCullen said...

Awesome pictures!! I love Kellan and Peter so much! As you can see from my avi... over there somewhere -> I've finally met Peter he is just like you described. I'm hoping Kellan makes an appearance around here somewhere, he had to bow out of our convention last year and Peter took his place. See such a sweetheart! One day I will have seen all the Cullen men in person... just waiting on Jackson next month and Kellan will be the only one left. I love that boy hard!

TwiloveSue said...

Mrs P - You know... I've always pegged you as a Waylon fan (and I think you're very sparkly too!)

SC/Twifixx - All I can figure is that Twi stylists must get instructed to tone down the Cullen beauty. There is just no other plausible explanation.

Kassie - I love your avi and think your goal to collect a full set of Cullen men is a very good one!

Z Any Mouse said...

As always your posts have me giggling all the way through, and yet STILL I am surprised by the bonus picture of Rob at the end. Gah, memory of a goldfish X 10!

Z Any Mouse said...

How in the world were you able to look Kellan in the eyes after recently viewing the underwear photos? Are you feeling okay??

Dangrdafne said...

Simply put - a picture is worth a thousand words :)

TwiloveSue said...

Z - You can't see it in these pictures, but Kellan's shirt was somewhat transparent and thin - which didn't help my already distracted thoughts. And can you imagine having Kellan sign one of his underwear pictures? I think I would spontaneously combust.

DD - A thousand words is right ;)

Jayla said...

Great recap as always. Ahhh Kellan. Yes, Adonis is right. Such a sweetie pie. LOL about his dog Kola getting lost.

TwiloveSue said...

Jayla - Thanks! And when are we going to see you again at the next LA Twi-tour? Any secret intel yet? ;)