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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pfach’s Practically Perfect Presence at Petco Park Pleased People and Properly Produced Profuse and Prolific Praise

A few days after the Eclipse premiere, Summit hosted a series of Twilight Nights around the US. The event featured a double feature of Twilight and New Moon at various outdoor venues with cast appearances beforehand. We lucked out to have one scheduled in our home town of San Diego at Petco Park with appearances by Peter Facinelli (the hardest working actor in the world) and Christian Serratos. Even though I was pretty worn out from camping out at the Eclipse premiere (sitting around is such hard work), I couldn’t resist going with a few of my favorite Twitards.

Don’t we look like we’re having fun waiting in line sandwiched between the trashcan and a big ashtray? Twi-sister Crystal, LuvsMeSumEdward, TwiloveSue, and Twired Jen (Elusive_S joined us a little bit later)

Those clever Twilight fans…

Waiting in line with TwiredJen and her lovely sis Elusive_S

Look, they gave us free Eclipse t-shirts!

The event was set up in the Park at the Park, with blanket seating and a big movie screen. While we waited for Peter & Christian to arrive, there were various game booths to keep us occupied plus free popcorn and other goodies. Twi-sister Crystal won an Edward lunchbox!

We had a lot of time to kill, so the inappropriate behavior started right away. Yep, that really is Elusive_S doing the splits on Edward’s face.

Once Peter and Christian arrived, they were interviewed on the big stage for a Moviefone live stream and then briefly signed autographs. To say there was an abundance of screaming pre-teen girls would be an understatement. We hedged our bets and picked a spot in the front off to the side of the stage that paid off.

Peter was so cute using the security guard’s back as a table.

Oh yeah, best shot of the night.

Now, some people would think Peter was way too close to take a picture in this instance. Not me. Don’t you love that scruff?

Jen had a very close encounter with Peter. So cute!

We posed for a group picture in front of a green screen at one of the booths and then our picture was posted on the event website a few weeks later. Darn, we were hoping to end up in the tent scene with Edward.

Nice, huh? I figure the baseball hat ties this Rob picture into the post’s theme.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for some great Breaking Dawn promotional events. November will be here before we know it!

TwiloveSue XOXO


Snarkier Than You said...

Ha - LOVE the title!! And seeing Twilight outside, under the stars? AWESOME!!! JJ and i had SO much fun in Central Park that time. I can't imagine what it would have done to us if PFach was there - I think I would have died and went to Twi heaven (ok, maybe if he'd brought Rob, too). PFach is so sweet and very very hot in person. nom nom nom. AND he almost signed your bewb??? WIN!

P.S. Nice split, Elusive S! (You know you wanted to move forward a couple of inches though - admit it.)

Snarkier Than You said...

Oops - wrong shirt/bewb (it's early - I need more caffeine before I go out into the intervebs...)

Great post, Sue!


MrsKassieCullen said...

I completely agree Peter is the hardest working man in show business! Such a sweetheart, that one :)

Looks like you girls had a great time!

I really wish they would have done something like this by me.. I mean come on it's not like I live in the middle of a corn field, Chicago baby! Although I'll be okay if they don't want to have an outdoor even in the middle of November burrrrrr

TwiloveSue said...

STY - I remember that post so well cause I was super jealous that you and JJ could do Twilighty stuff like that together. I think it was shortly after that when I met my bookclub girls through the Twitarded comments :) You guys rock. Seriously.

Kassie - This would be the perfect time for me to reply with a clever "Field of Dreams" comment about building and coming, but I'm feeling hopelessly unclever right now. I'm sure there will be plenty of Twi peeps heading your way soon!

17foreverlisa said...

Oh man, I remember this night very well. You girls were texting me pictures, making it the next best thing to being there. The splits picture still cracks me up.

PFach really is too yummy!

TwiloveSue said...

Lisa, FINALLY we're going to get to bring you along to one of our adventures in person! Can't wait :) PFach was indeed yummy and I still can't believe Sarah can do the splits!!

Dangrdafne said...

Perfect Peter Pictures!!

That is all.

TwiloveSue said...

DD - I was going to thank you with a P word, but I'm fresh out!