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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Look Back at the 2010 LA Twi-con Part 2: Do Your Best Bella!

In addition to heart palpitating appearances by Peter Facinelli and Kellan Lutz (you can check out the pictures and read part one of my post HERE), there were plenty of other Twilight cast members to keep us entertained over the three day weekend. And one thing you can always count on at a Twilight convention is that that there will be plenty of laughing.

One of the most fun guests that we’ve seen a few times now is Wolfpacker Alex Meraz (Paul). He was very charming and extremely good looking, not to mention quite a good sport.

We submited questions in writing ahead of time for the cast member Q&A sessions and my question for each person was to "do their best Bella." There had recently been a lot of discussion on Twitarded about Bella impressions and I figured what the heck. Of course, I put Twi-daughter Nicole's name down as the person asking (you didn’t think I’d put my own name down, did you?). Boy was I surprised when they chose "her" question for Alex to answer. I have to say, he was hysterical. He knew exactly what I was asking and did a fabulous Bella impression, very twitchy and blinky.

He also told a bunch of great stories and didn't hesitate to talk about his filming experiences and funny antedotes about fellow cast members.

Another “Wolf” that we saw was Kiowa Gordon (Embry). His panel had a whole different vibe for me cause it was like watching my teenage son up there answering questions. He was sweet, but all kinds of awkward.

Kiowa also performed with his band “Touche”. I use the terms "band" and "perform" kinda loosely cause they were every sterotype of a typical high school garage band and I have a feeling this may have been their first gig. I also suspect that the sound guy may have turned the microphones off completely for the last part of their performance. Still, you have to admire their enthusiasm.

They ended up asking "Nicole's" question to do his best Bella and I don’t think Kiowa completely understood the question, but it was still fabulous. He brought Nicole up on stage to act out the New Moon break up scene with him and it was SO funny! He kept running his hands through his hair like Rob while Nicole stuttered and blinked her way through it. Surprisingly she didn't kill me afterwards.

Chaske Spencer (Sam) told some really funny stories and had a killer smile. He was one of those people you instantly like and could just sit and listen to all afternoon. And who would have pegged him as a closet Lady GaGa fan?

I’m so sorry I can’t remember much about when Justin Chon (Eric) was on stage…

Or Justine Wachsberger (Gianna) either…

Tinsel Korey (Emily) hosted the Friday night karaoke and I’m pleased to report that she can sing! She was very likeable and great at answering the randomest questions with equally random and entertaining answers.

Charlie Bewley (Demetri) was interesting, because between his British accent and very offbeat personality, most people didn't know what to make of him.

He bounced around the room like a rubber ball and was extremely energetic and enthusiastic (and maybe just a little scary). He kept saying the word “banananana” in that delightful accent and cracking us up. True, we were an easily amused crowd.

Twi-daughter Nicole, Charlie Bewley, TwiloveSue

We also attended the Vampire Ball the second night (I dressed up as a human) and all of the day's Twi-cast members were there too. I was very impressed that Chaske stayed the whole time and danced with everyone (and by the term "everyone" I mean 12 year old girls). He totally made their day.

Throughout the convention they had videos playing on the big screens, trivia contests, various panels, dealer room, etc. We met all of the actors to get their autographs and it was especially fun getting Mrs. P’s avi signed by Peter Facinelli. I have to give him credit that he didn't seem surprised at all to sign a picture of a cartoon girl. He looked at me a few seconds like he was thinking about what to write and then wrote “To Mrs. P ♥ Mr. P”. What a doll. We also met the “Twilight Hands” lady who holds the apple on the Twilight book cover and she good naturedly posed holding Mrs. P’s avi (see left sidebar for photos).

And Mrs. P also met the Hillywood Show! She was just as impressed with Hillywood-Jacob’s abs as we were.

Don’t forget to go Walk with Mrs. P today!

TwiloveSue XOXO

P.S. You didn’t think I’d leave you without a picture of Rob, did you?


SidewalkCandy said...

As always - sounds like fun!! It's great to hear your stories.


Z Any Mouse said...

I would love to see a repeat performance of Nicole's Bella. Can you be Rob?

Mrs. P said...

I can't thank you enough for all the swag you scored at this event! Seriously...I can't.

TwiloveSue said...

Twifixx - There are lots more shenanigans to come and I always love having you there for them!

Z - Sure, anytime!

Mrs P - My pleasure, cause it's always fun bringing your avi along (though not nearly as much fun as having the real you there, of course!)

Dangrdafne said...

Can you fly in for the Baltimore Twi Tour in October and go with me and Living with Edward. I think it would be sooooo fun to do a Twi Tour with you!!

TwiloveSue said...

DD - I wish!!! I miss you guys and the Pocket Edward Army too!