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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

11 Things I Learned on the Twitarded Trip to FOOOORRRKKS

Last Fall, I went with the gals from the fabulous Twitarded blog and over a hundred of their crazy, Twilight obsessed followers on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Twilight Mecca of Forks, Washington.

My family thought I was absolutely nuts because I had never met a single one of these people in person and mostly only knew everyone by their very creative online screen names, and yet there I was traipsing off to another state to hang out with them. I even made arrangements to room with three of these ladies based on a very lively Twitter conversation. How lucky was I to end up rooming with the awesome 17foreverlisa, Mrs. P, Cullenarycurser and our bonus next door neighbor (the one person I actually knew in “real life”) TwiredJen?! My sister’s worry that they would all turn out to be cartoon-headed 60 year old men who live in their Moms' basements turned out to be completely unfounded. In fact, I’m nearly certain there wasn’t a single serial killer in the bunch.

And now, here are 11 things that I learned on that trip, just in case you're considering making the pilgrammage yourself. Sure, it’s true that most people make top ten lists, but I decided to go with eleven in hope that this will convince you that I’m kind of over-achievery instead of just wishy-washy.

1. Twitards are the friendliest and most accepting people in the world. It was like we had all been called home to the mother ship to reunite with old friends. We were an instant community of women who completely “got” each other.
Snarkier than you, Dangrdafne, Myg, JennyJerkface, LatchkeyWife, VitaminR

Latchkeywife, 17foreverlisa, TwiredJen, SnarkierthanYou, Twilightcupcake, Jenny Jerkface, Truebldtwilight, TwiloveSue, Mrs. P

2. The Welcome to Forks sign is very cool in person.Cullenarycurser, Mrs. P, JennyJerkface, SnarkierThanYou, TwiloveSue, TwiredJen, 17foreverlisa

3. I have no self control at all when tempted with a store full of Twilight merchandise. None. Whatsoever.
4. The town of Forks deserves an E for Effort for embracing the world of Twilight. Even though Bella Swan doesn’t live in the Swan House, Dr. Cullen doesn’t work at the hospital (he does have a parking place, though) and none of Twilight movies were actually filmed in Forks, it still felt right.

5. Vampires really aren’t allowed on the Quileute side of the treaty line.
6. There are Hos in the Hoh Forest.17foreverlisa, Cullenarycurser, Mama_Cougar, tatoomickey, TwiloveSue, TwiredJen, Mrs.P

7. TwiredJen does a great New Moon Bella impression.
8. Chief Charlie Swan does not patrol Highway #101 between Forks and Port Angeles, but the Washington state troopers do and they will give you a ticket if you speed. Believe me, I learned this the hard way (and am eternally grateful to my passengers for being sweet & demure and not getting us arrested). The Gang (picture borrowed from Twitarded)

9. You should never turn your back on the ocean at La Push beach. CullenaryCurser was taken out by a rogue wave that came out of nowhere. I wasn’t sure if I should try to go help her or take a picture. Luckily she has a great sense of humor. TwiloveSue, StarlitViolets, 17foreverlisa, Twilightcupcake, Truebldtwilight, TwiredJen, Cullenarycurser, Mrs. P

10. The mushroom ravioli at Bella Italia tastes better than it looks
11. Watching Twilight for the 17 millionth time with fellow Twitards was hysterical, like having your own Rifftraxx soundtrack. This was the funniest group ever and only we are allowed to make fun of Twilight.
If you’re still trying to decide whether or not to go on the FOOOORRRKKS trip this year, my advice is to DO IT! It’s something you just have to experience at least once and I’m so glad I did. It was one of my best decisions ever. To (mis)quote a recent circus movie, I wasn’t running away, I was going home.
TwiloveSue XOXO


Snarkier Than You said...

Everyone should come if they can! It was really a rare, wonderful and magical experience, and I don't care if that makes me sounds like a hippie - it;s the fucking truth!

: )

p.s. this made me tear up - I can't WAIT to get back to that ridiculous podunk town! For reals. {{{sniff}}}

Mama Cougar said...


I will be there....WILL YOU?!?!?

God, I miss you. We need to get our shiz together on our next order of fuckery - TENT CITY 2011!!

Twired Jen said...

Sue- LOVE THIS POST! And I feel so honored my Bella-esque fetal position made it into your 11 Reeason. honored! We had so much fun that day. Sniff.

Love ya & see you very soon!

xo J

TwiloveSue said...

STY - It's still so very hard to describe what an incredible experience that trip was and I tear up thinking about it too :) It's not a matter of if I see everyone again, but when, cause I know I made friends for life. Thanks again for throwing it all together. You rock!!

MC - I really wish I could go again, but this time I'll just have to follow along from home. Tent City 2011, baby!!!

Jen - I still snort out loud thinking of you laying there in the forest. Our meadow scene reinactment wasn't nearly as good.

SidewalkCandy said...

Sounds awesome!
Crossing my fingers that I will be joining the fun in tent city!


Honolulu Girl-Suz said...

I am so completely happy that I came out of my shell and ventured to Forks, not knowing one single person. But... I had the opportunity to meet so many of you, and my only regret is that I didn't try harder to meet all of you. Forks is an experience that every Twilight lover should have. What better, than with other people that share your same love for a series of books that forever changed our lives. Beautiful post Sue! I am honored that I met all of you wonderful women and I hope to meet you all again.

Amers425 said...


Dangrdafne said...

"I wasn’t running away, I was going home." *cries*

No truer words stated for the trip to Forks. Not only did we find each other but I think many of us found ourselves.

Amazing post from an amazing woman!

I love you Sue and I can't wait to see you next week... yes I said next week!!!! WOO HOO!!!

Mrs. P said...

The only regret I have is not checking Jen for ticks when she emerged from the ground...other than that, it was the trip of a lifetime!!!!

TwiloveSue said...

Twifixx - Is there any doubt? Don't make me kidnap you.

HG - It was so great getting to know you! I wish we could do it all over again :)

Amers - Have a wonderful time in FOOORRRKKS!!!!! I know you'll love it.

DD - Can't wait to give you a big hug in about 4 days :)

Mrs. P - That it was and you'll always be one of my favorite Hoh Hos <3

Latchkey Wife said...

Forks was magical. I don't know what else to say... Except I'll miss you like crazy this fall. Loved the post. And the pics...

TheRugbymom said...

I'm so sad every couple of weeks another Twilight-focused blog bites the dust because people are losing interest. I can't see myself obsessing over Edward Cullen when I'm 90 years old. But I can't imagine being 90. Period.

I'm already way past the age where I can sneak by anyone's filter for appropriate behavior! But damn if I didn't meet kindred spirits in Foooooorks last year! It was epic.

So, since I don't plan on living to such a ripe [OK - rotten] old-age, Imma go back again and enjoy it like it's my damn job! Smoke 'em if 'ya got 'em!

TwiloveSue said...

LKW - Why do you live so freakin' far away? There's like a whole country of states in between us!

RugbyMom - Amen, Sista :)

I hope you both have a fabulous time in Forks!!

Z Any Mouse said...

I wish I had been able to go and enjoy the magic, even though I felt like I was there in spirit. If I photoshop myself into the group pics, does that count? Just for the record, I'll also make myself 20 pounds thinner.