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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

TwiloveSue’s “25 Things” (dedicted to the Babes at Twitarded)

If you haven’t been over to Twitarded yet to read Snarkier Than You’s “25 Things” and everyone else’s fabulous lists and blog links, be sure to go check it out. I just love getting to know everyone better! My list isn’t nearly as witty or interesting, but I think the idea is brilliant and want to play too. So here goes…

1. I’m seriously addicted to Diet Coke.
2. There are so many magnets on my refrigerator that it’s a wonder the door hasn’t fallen off.
3. Even though I spend an obscene amount of time and money on my hair, it never seems to make much of a difference.
4. I’ve been a major Donny Osmond fan since I was 8 years old and he’s jokingly referred to me as his “favorite stalker.”
5. I read several books a week
6. I’m a cat person and will probably someday have 8 of them and be the crazy lady down the street that everyone talks about.
7. I have 9 ear piercings.
8. I saw Twilight in the theater more times than I would admit even to you guys.
9. I think spreadsheets are awesome.
10. My three kids and my sister are the funniest people I know.
11. Despite all the peer pressure, I haven’t joined Facebook because I just can’t handle another obsession.
12. I’m ridiculously excited about Comic-con because it’s all of my favorite things in one place.
13. I like to drive really fast.
14. I camped out for 5 days for the Eclipse premiere and am planning to do it again for Breaking Dawn.
15. I read MoTU on my cell phone while at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and I think that pretty much makes me the worse chaperone ever.
16. I met my husband while we were both in the SDSU marching band and we’ve been married for 25 years.
17. I’m socially awkward and avoid parties like the plague.
18. I collect pretty much everything and the show Hoarders would have a field day at my house.
19. I used to take roller skating lessons and am still pretty good at it.
20. I started out as a music major in college, but eventually graduated with a business administration degree.
21. I’m thinking about getting a tattoo on my wrist.
22. I love to laugh.
23. I can recite the Greek alphabet really fast
24. I’m a terrible cook and am OK with that.
25. I love my Twi-friends to death and can’t even begin to say how much you guys brighten my day.

Please tell me in the comments that I'm not as weird as I think I am and be sure to let me know where I can find your list. Mwahhhhh!!!!
TwiloveSue XOXO

P.S. You know I wouldn’t leave you without a picture of Rob since every post simply must have one. Enjoy!


Amers425 said...

Love it!! Thanks for doing this!

SidewalkCandy said...

Love it!! Thanks for sharing. I'll just give you one thing that pretty much sums up my character. I have a twitter account, where I "watch" but never "speak", and I don't allow anyone to follow me. Heh. I'm a very enthusiastic participant, just only in my head!


Twired Jen said...

Fabulous Sue! I love the crazy cat lady thing! I'm gonna send you send pics of me with Jake, since I have a lot on facebook and you won't join :(

xo J

PS I'm doing my list tonight.

Jenny Jerkface said...


And you have nine piercings?? Innnnteresting.

I love reading this stuff. It's awesome.

And I'm never getting in a car with you. ;P


Anonymous said...

You can't admit to us how many times you saw Twilight in the theater? C'mon, we're all Twi-friends here! Tell us!

So apparently neither me, Mrs. P, Jen, nor Lisa are the funniest people you know as we all assumed we were.

I love that Donny calls you that!

TwiloveSue said...

Amers425 - Thanks :) I hope you do a list now!

Twifixx - I'm honored to be one of your few twittuh followers, even though you never speak to me. You're not going to block me now, are you?

Jen - Thanks for the pics of Jake. He's adorable!! I'm still not sure I believe that you're 100% Team Edward, though... (P.S. Facebook is the devil)

JJ - I now feel challenged to kidnap you and drive you around in my car. Come on, you'll be safe :) Afterall, I didn't kill 17foreverLisa, Mrs P, CullenaryCurser or Mama_Cougar in Forks (even though I did get a speeding ticket).

LuvsMeSumEdward said...

Great list Sue! I'm so jealous at your super book reading speed...I wish I could do that!

Snarkier Than You said...

Don't feel bad that JJ won't get into a car with you - she is a TERRIBLE passenger - you know, the kind who likes to pretend they have their own brake on their side?? She hates everyone's driving! Including mine.

OK - we have a LOT in common!

When I was in college, I drank a two liter bottle of diet coke a day - I've since mostly given it up. Although I actually prefer the taste of diet soda to regular soda, I think that sucralose and aspartame are bad (Splenda = evil lol).

I used to roller skate a lot! I was thisclose to joining the speed team back in the day! I have friends who do roller derby now but I am too much of a wuss to deal with the knocked out teeth and broken bones - yipes!

I'm also a FB hold-out. I feel like I am losing that battle, though.

Next suggestion for a post? A list of your collections!

Oh and I want to know what you are thinking of tattooing on your wrist... I also don't have any tattoos but haven't ruled out getting on in the future.

Reading this made me want to give you a big hug and a smooch - from one socially-awkward person to another, I MISS YOU!

Mrs. P said...

The Washington State Trooper agrees with #13...but he was a party pooper.
I'm on FB but am mainly a stalker (my profile photo is 2yrs old)
I am addicted to diet coke and one day I swear they will discover there is real cocaine in it.
Miss you and your hair products!

Z Any Mouse said...

I love your 25 things! I knew a lot of them, but roller skating and the Greek alphabet? Awesome! Here's mine, and because I'm an underachiever I won't get to 25.

1. I love all kinds of music, even opera.

2. I will watch Jersey Shore when I'm by myself.

3. I can make almost anything requiring a needle and thread, and made my own 8th grade and high school graduation dresses.

4. I sailed on 26-foot boat from San Francisco to San Diego, and lived on the boat many summers while growing up.

5. I love Robert Pattinson, hard. Oh wait, you already knew that.

6. I paint my own toes, adding the flowers and rhinestones myself.

7. I am an expert bird catcher when the cat brings them in alive.

8. I read a lot, not as much as TwiloveSue but still, a lot.

9. Snowcaps, Hot Tamales, Good & Plenty = Best candy on earth!

10. I get along with people of various ages. Young, old, I don't care. If you're fun, I'll hang out with you!

11. I can't remember life before my bookclub (Twifixx and TwiloveSue)

12. I've spoken with Tom Cruise, Ed McMahon, Bruce Dern, and Bart Conners on the phone.

13. I haven't skied since my children were born :(

14. I love to bake. Unfortunately for my ass, I like eat what I've baked also.

15. I'm boring myself so I'm going to quit now. Sorry for the snoozefest!

16. I love Robert Pattinson. It bears repeating.

TwiKiwi50 said...

Squee - I love a spreadsheet too! You should see the one with my trip itinerary on it...

I was all over Facebook, but I removed my profile. It was enlightening to do so.

My list is on my blog, xx

TwiloveSue said...

Anon AKA kiTT - I have a big ole stack of Twilight ticket stubs and let's just say it's more than 20 (cringes). And... I should have said "funniest people I see every day" cause I do find all of you guys highly entertaining!

LuvsMeSumE - Reading really is one of my fav things to do, but I should get a Kindle cause I don't want to die from a book avalanche.

STY - I love you, Soul Sista!! My list of all the things I collect or (heaven forbid) photos would scare every one of you away forever.

Mrs P - Don't tell me if you find out there really is cocaine in Diet Coke, cause I'm not giving it up! However, I'll give you some if you tell me the secret of how your hair always looks so good.

Z - I love your list and even learned a few things about you! Wow, a boat?! The bookclub is one of the best things that ever happened to me too :)

TwiKiwi - We can bond over spreadsheets when I meet you next month. Squeeeeee!!! Thanks for the link to your list :)

RobzSinger said...

these are great. love that you met your husband in the marching band. "this one time, at band camp.." sorry, had to do it.

donny osmond ftw. ;)

Dangrdafne said...

Roller Skaters Unite!!!!

You are not weird or odd or different than us!
You are awesome, amazing, gorgeous and one of a kind!!

I love this 25 things list. So wonderful to learn new things about my friends.

Mine is at thanks to all who have already visited.


TwiloveSue said...

RobzSinger - You're probably the first person to ever say "Donny Osmond ftw" - LOL!

DD - Thank you for all the kind words, my fellow clarinet-playing-roller-skater!

Z Any Mouse said...

You can lump me in with that clarinet-playing-roller-skater club too. I played clarinet up until high school when I became rebellious and quit, and the first and only bone I've ever broken was my ankle...while rollerskating.

Latchkey Wife said...

OMG, I love spreadsheets too! I knew there was a reason I liked you!!

#22 -- And I love to make people laugh!

Man I wish you were coming to Forks again this year. I'd love to get to spend more time with you!!

I loved your list!