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Friday, July 8, 2011

We Saw 100 Monkeys at the Roxy and Partied Like It Was 10/10/10

While 17foreverlisa, MamaCougar and the gang were hanging out with the Monkeys in Chicago tonight, I interrupted my Spring Cleaning (yes, I know it's Summer; I'm a procrastinator) to dig up these pictures from the 100 Monkeys show in LA last October. I attended with four of my favorite people - Twifixx, ZAnyMouse and the two Twi-daughters - and the band did not disappoint. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words.

I always love the unique Monkey stage decor

Does this pose remind you of anyone?

I don't know how it happened, but somehow pretty much all of my shots ended up being of only Jackson. Thank you to ZAnyMouse for saving the day with these great pix of the rest of the band (except poor Ben J. I guess he was feeling kinda shy).

You've just got to wonder what was going through his mind.

I think Rob was wearing a San Diego Padres hat this morning because he's just as excited about Comic-con as I am. Do you suppose he's free to come by my house for dinner? Don't worry, I'll order pizza so that I don't poison him.

TwiloveSue XOXO


SidewalkCandy said...

Nice pictures!! It's great to have this evidence of our fun times. Can you imagine what we would do without them? The stick figure drawings in my head don't do them justice.


Z Any Mouse said...

I love how between the five of us, we manage to get some really good pictures, and Jackson is so smokin' hot it's hard to delete even the blurry ones showing half an ear. I don't want to admit I'm old and forgetful or anything, but where was this show? Viper Room? Gah! Note to self: Get off the computer and go do more crossword puzzles.

Z Any Mouse said...

@Twifixx/SidewalkCandy - I'm sure your stick figures of Jackson are very nice and still show the MOS.

Dangrdafne said...

WOW amazing shots!!

I hope I can get just one good shot when I see them on the 19th.

TwiloveSue said...

Twifixx - I like your stick figures cause sometimes they get to take liberties that we aren't able to in real life ;)(and they're so skinny!)

Z- LOL, I'm thinking you didn't read the title of the post!

DD - I'm beginning to think it's impossible not to get a good shto of Jackson. He's so amazingly photogenic!

Z Any Mouse said...

LMAO!!! Caught red-faced and red-handed, I promise to read the post title in the future.

TwiloveSue said...

Z - OK, I'll give you a pass just this once, but be forewarned that I may test you on this in the future.

Mrs. P said...

amazing photos and another awesome adventure! I bet they would love to see your 100 monkey collection of photos. I think you can arrange a slide show party in your living room. Jackson can bring the popcorn.

TwiloveSue said...

Mrs P - If the Monkeys saw all my photos, I'm thinking they'd be more inclined to a restraining order rather than popcorn. Best we not say anything to them.

Anonymous said...

Jackson's hair looked great that night! He looks so young!

Another great evening with your monkey men!

v/w submyss lol okay!

-kiTT :)