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Friday, April 13, 2012

BD1 Convention – MORE New/Old Pictures of Robert Pattinson (Go ahead, I dare you to resist that smile)

As I sorted through all my pictures from the Breaking Dawn convention, even I was astounded by the sheer volume. There are so many pictures that flipping through them is almost like looking at a video of the panel. Honestly, if I didn’t know myself better, I’d think I was some kind of compulsive freak. Good thing we all know that couldn’t possibly be true (this is where you nod your head in agreement). I just keep telling myself I’m doing it all for you and that somehow makes it OK.

If this smile were aimed at me or even remotely in my direction, I'm pretty sure I would agree to anything.

I’ve heard that there were a few other people on stage with Rob at the convention, but for some odd reason, I just can’t remember seeing anyone else up there. Huh. I’ll see if I can find some of those pictures for next week.

I also have to share this photo that the amazing Socalmom2four sent me today. She took one of the Rob shots that I posted earlier this week and did something truly magical to it (thank you!!!).

Just. Wow.

Lastly, please don’t forget to go say hello to my dear friend Mrs. P over at her second blog. Click HERE and head on over. She has the most hilarious take on life and I wish I could spend just one day inside her head.

TwiloveSue XOXO


17foreverlisa said...

I may not need to post after all. I'll just direct people here ;)

Happy Friday!

Mrs. P said...

Its like a beautiful virtual flip book of a pretty person.

Dangrdafne said...

@Lisa - YOU WILL POST!!! :)

I love seeing your view from this convention. I need to look through my 500+ pics eventually LOL

TwiloveSue said...

Lisa - Absolutely, send them all over here :) And be sure they tell us that Lisa sent them so we can give an extra special welcome (that sounded kinda ominous, didn't it?) XO

Mrs P - Not quite as good as following him around in person all day would be, but I suppose this will do in a pinch.

DD - I feel so much better knowing that you took so many pictures too! I haven't even looked through all of mine yet either... There's no telling what we'll find.

Z Any Mouse said...

I want to be that water bottle. That's all.

TwiloveSue said...

Z- After I laughed out loud, I stared at the screen for way too long trying to come up with a clever reply to your comment. So, um... I hope you can be the water bottle next time?