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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Where Have I Been?

My, oh my, how time flies. It seems like I was just here a few days ago chatting about the Breaking Dawn Premiere and somehow two months have passed since then. The only logical explanation is that there was either some sort of time continuum anomaly or I fell into a vortex. There are now several boxes of Christmas decorations sitting conspicuously in the corner of my living room and my checking account is empty, but I suppose we’ll never truly know what happened. I hope everything is great with all of you and you weren't kidnapped and probed by aliens in my absence.

Rob, did you miss me?

I still have tons more pictures and stories from the Breaking Dawn Convention, Premiere and a few other events that I can’t wait to share with you. I’ll dust off the laptop over the next few days and get back into the groove.

In the meantime, here are links to a few of my favorite Twi-memories from the past year. I hope you enjoy them.

I met Robert Pattinson – twice!!

The Planets of the Universe Aligned, Karma Smiled, and I Met Robert Pattinson (Comic-Con, July)

Best Day Ever! (Breaking Dawn premiere, November)

You just can’t help but fall in love with 100 Monkeys

100 Monkeys Shows are Like a Box of Chocolates: You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get (May)

Monkey Play at the El Rey in LA (August)

Going Bananas with 100 Monkeys in Anaheim (September)

Twilight conventions are awesome
(I still can't believe I took this picture...)

Peter Facinelli Saved the Day and Vampire Bella Flashed Us (LA Twi-Tour, March)

Robert Pattinson Looked at Me and I Forgot to Breathe (Breaking Dawn convention, November)

Friends are forever: 17ForeverLisa, ZAnyMouse, Twifixx, TwiloveSue (me), Twi-Daughter Nicole, Twi-Daughter Megan

Say Goodbye to Reality and Proudly Wave the Twilight Freak Flag (Tent City, November)

The BookClub

I can’t even begin to find the right words to say how much I love my Twi-friends, both “real life” and “virtual”. Talking and laughing with you gals over these past few years has been priceless. We’ve gone to more Twilighty events than I ever imagined possible and I think I met every cast member at least once. It’s been a dream. I don’t know how we could even come close to topping the adventures we’ve already had, but I’m willing to give it my best shot in 2012 and promise to take plenty of pictures along the way. Thank you so much for your friendship and encouragement.

TwiloveSue XOXO


Anonymous said...

You better give it your best shot in 2012 because I'm living completely vicariously through you! There are no coincidences in your Twi-world--all these events are tied to Twilight, and I love that! ;)

Thank you for sharing all of your adventures--past, present, and future!


Dangrdafne said...

Sue, one of my fave memories from last year was spending the TwiTour breakfast with you and Nicole. That was true quality time and I am so grateful for it.

I also loved the Tardis dress of Nicole's from Comic Con made by the awesome Zina - who I was also blessed with meeting last year.

We are a lucky bunch and I am so grateful every day for each and every one of you.

See you soon :)

Z Any Mouse said...

Aww, such a beautiful post. You always know how bring tears to my eyes. Are you sure your name isn't TwiloveOprah? We did have a fantastic 2011, and I too am anxiously awaiting our 2012 adventures. I hope they are filled with Rob, lots of Monkeys, and more Rob. It's been so awesome to meet so many Twi-friends from around the country, and I lurv being a part of this group, shamelessly flying my freak flag. I can't say enough about my bookclub besties, and how lucky I am to belong to the best bookclub ever! Mwah!

WV: unies - as in mini unicorns? Undies misspelled, leading to Pattinson Panties? Hmm, I'll be thinking on this all night. What? It's a slow news day!

TwiloveSue said...

DD and Z - I'm so blessed to have you both as my friends and can't wait to make many more happy memories :) XOXOXOXOXOXO